Change the world through your role as a birth worker

Here at Birth United, we offer an amazing and growing membership program. We hope that it helps to link up potential clients of color to birth photographers, doulas and midwives in their area who identify as they do or are known allies. 

There are two membership options - Birth Workers of Color (POC) and Ally Birth Workers.
This distinction is in no way meant to segregate, but rather to highlight POC in the birth industry, because some clients would like and feel more comfortable with someone who looks like them. 

What's an ally? 
An ally at Birth United is a birth worker who doesn't identify as a POC but has and/or would love to work or continue working with and showcasing WOC during birth to bring light to the options available to them and encourage an inclusive attitude. An ally recognizes the lack of cultural diversity in birth photography and amongst birth workers and wants to change that.


what's included in your membership?

  • An amazing directory listing like the one seen here. Your listing will have your headshot and bio, links to your website and social media, your location, , a list of all of the services you provide, and an optional 9 photo portfolio. 
  • An "official" welcome on our social media platforms. 
  • Secret Facebook Community Access (image calls for blog posts will also be posted here)
  • Exclusive feature and interview opportunities, such as IG takeovers and blog posts
  • Exclusive member discounts 


After selecting your membership type below, you will be redirected to finish your subscription via paypal. Once complete, you'll see a link that says something along the lines of "back to website", click that to go to the members area so you can complete your listing and check out all of the goodies available to you!

Birth worker of Color


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